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Freediving Zodiacs

A Zodiac Guide for Freedivers

by Nicholas Kouvaras Aries (21 Mar – 20 April) Aries are trailblazers and competitive. Passionate and independent. They thrive in freediving competitions and they will make a competition even out of making bubble rings. Their attention seeking and bossy behavior

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Sendy Santoso

Meet Pure Apnea Freediving Instructor Sendy Santoso

Meet Indonesian freediving instructor Sendy Santoso. Sendy teaches Pure Apnea freediving courses mainly in Jakarta and occasionally Bali. He is especially passionate about teaching new freedivers how to freedive safely. In this way they can enjoy their achievements as developing

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Andy Twine and Students

Interview with Freediving Instructor Andrew Twine

Andrew Twine is the founder and instructor at Onpoint Spearfishing and Freediving based in Perth, Australia. Andy strives to provide the ultimate experience for his students no matter what form of freediving they are interested in. Helping freediving students realise

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