Adventure Freediving

Discover the wonders of the aquatic world on one breath


If you look out over your favourite bay, lake or river and have the desire to discover what lies beneath, then Adventure Freediving is perfect for you.

Pure Apnea has developed the Adventure Freediver courses over several years in places as diverse as South Africa, Czechia, Sweden, Indonesia and the islands of St. Helena and Jersey. The goal was to create a unique curriculum which fulfils the needs of people interested in aquatic exploration and interaction while freediving.

The highly successful result is our popular Adventure Freediver courses which focus on freediving safely in open-water conditions away from the restrictions of a dive line.

Adventure Freediver Courses

Adventure Freediver
Adventure Freediver I

This is a 2-day freediving course that covers the basics of safe recreational freediving. This course will train you and your buddy to safely freedive on reefs and interact with marine animals like dolphins, seals and turtles. It includes: breathing, relaxation, physiology, equipment, equalisation, open water freediving techniques and recreational freediving safety procedures.

Adventure Freediver 2
Adventure Freediver II

This advanced freediving course focuses on the skills and techniques that will allow you to safely reach the same depths as scuba divers. You will learn to become efficient with each movement of a freedive and learn to extend your bottom times at depths between 15-20m. Emphasis is placed on equalisation techniques and minimising the risk of hypoxic blackouts.

Freediving Instructor Adventure
Adventure Freediver Instructor

This Instructor Qualification Course (IQC) is open to advanced Adventure Freedivers who would like to become freediving professionals and teach others how to freedive safely. On successfully completing this course, Adventure Freediver Instructors are certified to teach Discover Freediving, Adventure Freediver I, Adventure Freediver II and may add on speciality courses.

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