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Internationally Certified Freediving Courses

Established in 2012

Pure Apnea was established in 2012 at a time when the need for a modern, high-quality, high-standards freediving education body became vital.

Certified Students in 75 Countries

Our instructors have trained and certified thousands of students from over 75 countries.

Instructors from 35 Countries

Freedivers from over 35 countries have completed the Pure Apnea Instructor Qualification Course (IQC) and attained the highest freediving instructor standards.

Adventure Freediving

Discover the wonders of the aquatic world on one breath
We realised that not everyone has the desire to compete as a freediving athlete or even practice competitive freediving disciplines in a recreational setting. In fact we have discovered that there is a very large and growing group of people who want to learn how to freedive so that they can observe and interact with aquatic animals while exploring our amazing oceans. Pure Apnea is currently the only certifying freediving organisation that offers a fully recreational line of freediving courses from beginner to instructor which cover the skills and safety protocols needed to freedive safely in an open-water environment, much like a scuba diver, but without the tanks. If freediving on a reef with fish, dolphins, turtles, seals and sharks interests you more than pushing your limits in a pool or on a dive line then the Adventure Freediver I & Adventure Freediver II courses are perfect for you!
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Sport Freediving

Understand and reset the limits of your mind and body
Our sport freediving courses follow the traditional format which focuses on the competitive freediving disciplines. Learn the basics of breath hold diving on the Level 1 Freediver course and apply this to the pool and depth disciplines. Progress to the Level 2 Advanced Freediver where the basics are safely extended to reach deeper depths, longer distances and longer times. Finally the Level 3 Master Freediver course equips students with all the skills and knowledge to compete amongst the top freedivers in the world and break personal limits and maybe even records.
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Freediving Instructor Courses

Complete the journey from student to instructor
Some passionate freedivers have the desire to teach the skills and knowledge which they have learnt to others. Our professional Instructor Qualification Courses (IQC) equip high-level freedivers with the teaching and business skills to offer their own Pure Apnea certified freediving courses to their students. We offer our IQC courses for Sports and Adventure freediving in locations all round the world.
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Breathing and breath holds transformed
Situations where the application of breathing and breath hold techniques are beneficial or even life-saving, exist beyond diving. A prime example of this is water sports where participants experience sudden and unexpected breath holds. Our Surf Apnea speciality course has been specifically designed for surfers and water users who encounter big surf conditions and are forced to hold their breath.
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Freediving Locations

Freediving Locations

Are you ready to start your freediving adventure, but not sure where to go? Our global network of Pure Apnea qualified instructors gives you plenty of freediving course and holiday options. Whatever your freediving experience may be, here are some great freediving locations to consider.

Annelie Pompe

Meet Our Freediving Instructors

Our instructors are highly experienced freedivers who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and skills. Having the highest instructor qualification standards ensures that Pure Apnea freediving instructors are rigorously qualified, have extensive experience and have demonstrated teaching skills.

Freediving Competitions


For those with a competitive spirit and a drive to be the best at what they love, Pure Apnea provides the infrastructure to organise, run and compete in sanctioned freediving competitions. We strive to make competitions accessible and affordable to all those who are passionate about the sport of freediving.

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